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Dew you want to G L O W with us.....

On your Bridal Journey

What We Do

Glowing skin is our thing.....

Meet Sascha Martini the most sought after GLOW queen in Sydney, with her GLOW Dew signature Skin, that is luminous all day, with a velvet finish. No doubt she practices what she preaches, having the most impeccably groomed Brides we’ve seen.

"Good energy is as important to us as creating your GLOW...."

Here at GLOW UP BRIDES we are obsessed with our Brides and creating a completely unique experience with our tailored maid GET THE LOOK to our GLOW MOMENTS on our social media. 

Sascha and her team of Artists deliver a bespoke Bridal service distinctly setting them apart within Beauty industry.

As a team lead by Sascha Martini, each artist although uniquely individual in personality & style, have the signature GLOW UP BRIDE approach to makeup, our goal is to bring your Bridal vision to life that last ALL day and night and not just a beauty trend. 

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love from our GLOW UP BABES

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback from others."

Timberly Williams

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